After many successful years acquiring and serving retail clients at Swiss banks, Christian B. Rosenow founded asset management company CBR PRIVATINVEST AG in 1997 in Zurich.

The dynamic development in the management of client funds in 2004 was the basis for the decision to establish the first investment fund for clients of CBR Privatinvest AG. For many years there’s been a keen interest among our customers to participate in the long-term rise of Asia and to invest in the fastest growing region in the world. That’s why we had expanded our range of funds with different Asian funds.

The dependability of our partners, Neue Bank AG and IFM Independent Fund Management AG in Vaduz, combined with regulatory changes and changing client needs led to our decision in 2011 to found CBR INVESTMENT AG in Balzers.

The Principality of Liechtenstein has followed a policy of neutrality for centuries and has been a leading hub for financial services for several decades, enjoying the recognition of the EU and other important financial markets. The country joined the EEA in 1995 and has signed bilateral agreements with all major European nations. As a nation without any natural resources it has based its success on flexibility and an open-minded approach to solutions from abroad.

Liechtenstein’s financial sector provides world-class service to international clients and is in line with international standards of a qualified supervision. Since 2014 we also serve our private clients in Balzers.